Luxembourg – Looking behind the scenes of the world’s largest cross-border investment funds centre

General information:


Destination: Luxembourg-City (Luxembourg)

Date: 6th of October 2016


  • Start: 10 am meeting at Luxembourg-City – main station (parking Rue de Mercier, opposite to main station)
  • End: 5 pm at Luxembourg-City – main station

Costs: 19 € (including packed lunch)


This field trip explores the workings, traits and consequences of the Luxembourg’s financial centre, often referred to as the world’s largest cross-border financial centre for investment funds.

Among its most fundamental characteristics is its significance as the dominant job motor in the border region, along with all its socio-economic implications and consequences. For example, the Luxembourg economy attracts more than 165.000 cross-border commuters every work day, a large part of it accounting for financial service workers travelling from Belgium, Germany, and France. The border of the small Grand Duchy, however, plays an ambivalent role. On the one hand, it helps to valorise economic disparities on both sides of the border, on the other, it presents a need for cross-border harmonisation processes.

Besides the border’s economic reasoning, the field trip will primarily explore why Luxembourg is such an important site for financial services and how the making and distribution of financial products exploit some of the most inimitable Luxembourg’s features; that is the increasingly blurred cultural, political and language borders to its neighbouring regions and peoples.

The field trip further engages with the historical roots of the Kirchberg Plateau, structurally a highly interesting area that today hosts the majority of organisations from both the global financial industry and the European Institutions. This is yet another place in Luxembourg-City where traditional borders.


Download: Excursion 3: Luxembourg – Looking behind the scenes of the world’s largest cross-border investment funds centre