Border Voices: Photography, Music, and Stories

General information:


Destination: Saarbrücken – “Nauwieser Viertel” (Saarland/Germany)

Date: 6th of October 2016


  • Start: 9:00 am at Esch-Belval – Uni Luxembourg (bus stop: Cité des Sciences)
  • Across: 9:30 am at Luxembourg-City – main station (parking Rue de Mercier, opposite to main station)
  • End: 6 pm at Luxembourg-City – main station / 6:30 pm at Esch-Belval – Uni Luxembourg


Bus transfer together with excursion 1


Costs: 52 € (including bus transfer, events & lunch at “Café Kostbar” with 1 drink)


This excursion involves a trip to Saarbrücken to the “Nauwieser Viertel,” where you will have the opportunity to visit a photo exhibition by renowned US-Mexican border artist David Maung and talk to the artist, attend a multi-media performance by artists of Syrian-Palestinian and Kurdish background, and watch the documentary Smajl. Lunch will also be provided.

Detailed description:

10:30 am: Photographic Exhibition by David Maung

Your trip will begin with a visit to the N.N. Gallery and David Maung’s photo exhibition “So far from God; so close to the United States.” After a presentation by Maung in which he shares his personal and professional insights as a Tijuana-based US photojournalist living and working in the US-Mexico borderlands, you will be able to talk to the artist.

12:30 pm: Lunch will be provided at Café Kostbar (

2 pm: Multi-media performance by artists of Syrian-Palestinian and Kurdish background

The organizational team is very keen to provide a space for the experiences of those upon whose backs multiple dialogs of borders are carried. In this respect, we are honored to be joined by Ghassan Nadora (painter), Salah Aldin Khaled (poet and diarist), and Abdul Sudutt  (Bağlama musician). Together they will present their personal border-crossing stories through a multi-media performance, incorporating poetry, music, and art.  Ghassan Nadora’s art work will also be on display.

3:30 pm: Screening of the documentary: Smajl (Philipp Majer and Zymryte Hoxhaj)

The screening presents the work of local creative professionals Philipp Majer and Zymryte Hoxhaj. Both are Saarbrücken based: Philip is a film-maker and Zymryte a graphic artist.  Smajl is the story of Zymryte’s father:

“In 1970, Kosovar Albanian Ismajl “Smajl” Hoxhaj only came to Germany to
buy a tape recorder. But it is only now — more than 40 years later —
that he left Germany to go back to Kosovo as a pensioner. In the meantime,
he has bought many tape recorders, started a family and, as a political
activist, fought passionately for the independence of Kosovo far from his
actual home. The documentary tells the story of Smajl — A story of
homesickness and home, of conflicts with his children and the dream of a
patriot. It is the story of a migrant worker in Germany.”
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After the screening, there is still some time for a walk around Saarbrücken before the bus will take you back to Luxembourg.


Download: Excursion 2: Border Voices: Photography, Music, and Stories