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Differences and discontinuities in a

‘Europe without borders’







Welcome to the Europe Conference of the Association for Borderland Studies (ABS) that will take place at the University of Luxembourg from the 4th to the 7th of October 2016. The conference wants to test the vision of a ‘Europe without borders’ by considering questions that focus on mobility, responsibility and change from a multidisciplinary perspective.

You can find the detailed programme here.

Conference book out now

You can download it here.


Mobility and multilocality

Mobility, has long been considered as a central characteristic of the social reality of life. Mobilities can be examined within different thematic structures, where they can be discussed as circular, unidirectional, or consecutive movements.

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Multilingualism and diversity

The term of diversity is spread in different scopes and always related to plurality and dealing with difference. Thereby we can differentiate between perspectives of outward demarcation, an internal differentiation or a productive-creative recombination of differences.

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Growth and sustainability

For some years now capitalist market systems have been criticised while the interest in alternatives to growth based economic models has increased. In this context, as well as under the impression of current economic- and structural crisis cities, regions and citizens are increasingly searching for more sustainable approaches.

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Instability and change

The categories ‘instability’ and ‘change’ are form their own scope in spite of their transversal character. The discussion of ‘instability’ and ‘change’ aims to contribute to a stronger theorisation within border studies.

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Conference book available

The conference book of the ABS Europe Conference is now available. You can download it here.

Conference programme online

The programme of the four-day 2016 ABS Europe Conference is now available to view. Alongside the opening ceremony, this also includes two keynote speakers, 19 thematic sessions, 4 one-day excursions and a closing discussion. A total of 90 academics from about 20 countries are involved in the conference programme.

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Excursion programme from UniGR-CBS partners

The conference programme includes 5 one-day excursions, the majority of which are organised by partners of the UniGR-Center for Border Studies. Each of the excursions focuses on a particular topic, and participants will explore the city of Luxembourg as well as further afield to the border areas between Luxembourg and Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany, and Germany and France.

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